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Ingrid Nilsen, also known as 'missglamorazzi', is a 26 year-old vlogger (video-blogger) known for her videos on YouTube. She mainly focuses on beauty, fashion and vlogging.She teaches her viewers how to make crafts, fashion items, and beauty storage. 

Internet LifeEdit


Ingrid opened her YouTube account for missglamourazzi on November 7, 2009. Her videos mainly focus on beauty, fashion and vlogging (video-blogging), and she does a series of "GIY (Glam It Yourself) videos" where she teaches her viewers how to make little crafts, fashion items, and beauty storage, as well as DIY (Do It Yourself) videos. She also has a second channel called the grid monster where she posts videos of her daily life, videos that normally don't pertain to fashion or beauty. As of March 2013, Ingrid had over 2 million subscribers,  Over on AwesomenessTv she did Disney characters inspired looks on the YouTube channel of Disney Style. On June 9 2015, Ingrid made a new video of her explaining she is gay.

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